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Honor awarded for outstanding scouting service by a member of a Lions Club within the USA.

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Award Requirements
  1. Must be a Lion in good standing with his/her club, be a current registered Lion for five years and be nominated by the current president of a local Lions Club and/or District Governor;
  2. Be registered in a Scouting position at a Unit, District or Council level for a combination of five years;
  3. Be fully trained in his/her scouting positions and his/her Lions Club/district leadership positions;
  4. Have strenghthened the relationship between local Lions Clubs and Scouting;
  5. Assisted Lions Clubs in forming and operating unit; and
  6. Exemplifies the BSA/Girl Scout Laws and Lions Motto.

Approval of Award:  The nomination must be submitted to the Lions own District Youth/Scouting Chairperson for approval (or another regional approved chairperson).

Award/ Presentation: Awardees receive a medal suspended from purple ribbon and a certificate.  A gold and purple square knot to wear on a BSA scouter’s uniform is available when you mail in your application with payment.  The award may be presented at the District’s Convention or District Cabinet Meeting. In addition, a presentation may be made at a local scouting council or district function, such as an awards dinner or an annual meeting.

Cost of Certificate and Medal  is $25.00
The BSA coa KNOT is now available to purchase at BSA scout shops upon receipt of LIONS scouter award certificate.
Award Form

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